Documentary Family Photography with Kirsten Lewis

Subscription Based FB Group

Best Documentary Family Photographer

This is a subscription based group for photographers who are serious about documentary family photography. There are specific requirements a member must meet in order to be allowed to enter the group including an agreement to all of the rules listed.

If ANY of the rules are broken, the member’s subscription will be immediately discontinued.

1.  Daily posts to either informational videos, sites, competitions, etc.
2.  Tip of the week will be a lesson regarding shooting in the field, technical or business.  It will most likely be recorded either in my office or on an airplane, as much travel schedule becomes crazy.  There is going to be a FILE where you can submit ideas pertaining to what you would like to learn.
3.  Discounts from my favorite vendors, list is almost complete!
4.  Weekly photo challenges with recorded feedback.
5.  10% off anything I offer on my educational site, including group mentoring.
6.  One LIVE day a month where I will be online answering all of your questions via our page, I’ll post a schedule on Monday.
7.  All of the goodies from the goodie page.


1. Members must be familiar with Kirsten Lewis’ documentary family photography work and philosophy. A brief message explaining why the member would like to join the group will be required.

2. Members must pay a monthly subscription fee of $15/month OR $150/year. Reoccurring payments will be set up via PAYPAL. This insures that every member is serious about becoming a better photographer, artist and business person and that everyone is on the same page.

3. There will be NO personal attacks, bullying or harassing of other members within the group. There will only be 1 warning issued, after that the member will be removed without explanation.

4. This group is a safe place for photographers to share their photographs, their fears and insecurities in regards to the industry. It is the responsibility of the group members to be supportive and respectful of one another. This is an open community to help others grow and flourish together.

5. Members must be aware that occasionally photographs of real life might include baby butts or topless 3 year olds. Members are not allowed to report photographs. Kirsten will be highly monitoring the content of this page and ANYTHING inappropriate, sexually explicit, will be removed and the membership revoked without refund.

6. While it is not required, it is encouraged that ALL members be active at least once a month whether it means posting photos, tips or questions or responding to other’s posts. The more active the members are the more we all learn.

If interested in joining this group: 

A)  Use the SUBSCRIPTION button below and purchase your entrance to the group.

B)  Once you have submitted your payment you will be directed to the SECRET group.

C)  Please request to join.

D)  Once your payment has been confirmed by me you will be added to the group.

E)  ENJOY and POST OFTEN!!!  The more you participate the more you will learn from me and everyone else.

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