About Kirsten

Kirsten, a former BA of Child Psychology graduate, elementary school teacher, and Cards Against Humanity champion, is considered to be one of the best documentary family photographers in the world. While living and working in the Outer Banks, NC for 8 years she developed a unique type of beach portrait that not only was never before available, it created an unprecedented demand for her work, shooting over 90 families in a 3 month time period every season. Since relocating to Colorado, she has focused on her highly sought after Day in the Life and Vacation sessions where she spends up to 72hrs with a family documenting their daily life with humor and compassion alike. Although her families are completely diverse, the majority of the clientele happen to be fellow photographers including Susan Stripling, Daniel Aguilar, Tyler Wirken and Lanny & Erika Mann, just to name a few.

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My Philosophy

Photography, at the heart of it, is a means to share with others how you see the world. While technical skills are a must in the beginning, the journey to truly becoming a great photographer is the exploration of who you are as an individual and then being brave enough to allow those findings to influence your photographs. Our childhood, life experiences, flaws, fears and failures all play an incredible role in how we document life and the people in it. By identifying these things we can work on own artistic point of view that is ours and ours alone.
I have always said that photography is only %25 releasing the shutter. There is so much more that goes into making a picture than simply pressing a button. We as photographers must learn to use all of our other senses when creating photographs. Listening to and observing our subjects; how they interact with one another, respond to stimuli, resolve conflict, problem solve, feel feelings, will provide us with the tools we need to anticipate their behavior and to prepare for a moment to happen in front of our lens. It is imperative to connect with them on a personal level if we ever want to make photographs that move the viewer.

“The more present you are, the more invisible your camera becomes. The quicker we can gain the trust of our subjects the sooner we can start making pictures that matter.”


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Kirsten books several speaking and teaching engagements worldwide throughout the year. Keep coming back for the most up to date calendar of locations and topics she’ll be discussing.

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Kirsten has several resources online to learn from her including interviews, classes and webinars. They all have benefits to them with a great deal of information both paid and for free!

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin